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Sri Lanka is a paradise for sightseeing, you name it, we have it! And in close proximity too! Within a tiny area of 65,610 is a package of varied interests. You may travel from Colombo on the West Coast, to the salubrious hill country through breathtaking scenery in 3 to 5 hours. From the lake country with magnificent ruined cities to starkly and Jaffna and the enchanting East Coast with blue seas and wide beaches, each turn unfolding a different visual tapestry.

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  • ” Heaven for the Wonderful Holiday” The tour was well planned by our tour operator Mr. Priyan. He was hands down the best guide I have ever toured with. The depth of his knowledge on all aspects of Sri Lankan history, culture and current events truly made this trip the most memorable I have ever experienced.

  • Thank you Priyan for the great 2 days in Jaffna, we saw and learned a lot about the city, the people, culture and history! Definitively very recommended Priyan Tours!